conference of passionate people and collective of knowledge

We are a conference of passionate people and a collective of knowledge. We want to work with our partners and their customers to develop the best design and technology for our conference. Our agenda and theme are designed for everyone. What we offer: All the latest trends and solutions, which we always work on. We always open to the hear your ideas and suggestions. We always ready to change and evolve. About us: We are a community of design professionals, experts and enthusiasts who want to work together to create incredible experiences for our clients. Our passion is creating innovative designs and delivering them to you. Our conference is not just about technology but also about the people who attend it.It’s about the attendees, its about the company and its future. We are passionate about design and our mission is about creating a safe and inspired environment for everyone from venture capitalists to engineers to entrepreneurs. A conference that is not just about technology but also about the people. We’re a social media platform that is popular with brands and governments. We are a community of smart people who share ideas and stories. We’re a platform that is open to anyone who is interested in technology and the digital world. Our mission is to make the world more open and globally connected by making it easier for everyone to think and to connect.We invite you to join us in creating change and bringing together people who share the same passion for design and technology. We are an online venue for entrepreneurs and leaders at all levels.



We empower innovation and empower people to succeed. We are all creatives and creatives should join in having fun. We are about collaborating with the technology world and creating great designs and products that will make the world a better place. The conference was started by the tech-rich and design-conscious team from Tech Stars.This is our aim and what we aim to achieve with each and every event. We aim to create a safe and inspiring space for everyone. The global food system is currently threatened by the lack of quality and availability of fresh produce. The world has lost an enormous amount of biodiversity due to soil degradation, habitat destruction and climate change. The climate is changing, and the impact on the environment is being felt acutely, while the food system is still in its infancy. We all have a voice.

We are all have a responsibility to make a difference. We believe that digital innovation is much more than a way to make money; it is a way to advance society in the most comprehensive and innovative way. This is a place to learn about digital transformation and accelerate these moments. At S.A.P. we also committed to delivering the highest level of service to our customers. Our focus on quality is only increased by the fact that for every event we handle, we ensure that our staff are trained, certified and equipped with the proper credentials. Our clients are our first priority. Our goal is to be the first, and at the same time the easiest, to meet and collaborate with different people from all over the world. We aim to create an inclusive place where we can bring together thinkers, creatives & developers who will strive towards the same goal of embracing change in all its forms.

The key takeaway is that if you want to have fun with your event or think outside the box, then here it comes! The Tech Summit was founded in 2010 by former Microsoft executives to bring together the world’s leading thinkers, entrepreneurs & innovators working together across several industries with a shared goal of creating “next-generation innovation”.This is about the Tech Community, an open platform where we allow you to join or just get involved in all aspects of innovation; from early stage startups to industry leaders in every sector. Our mission is simple: to foster relationships with our peers by sharing knowledge through networking events, workshops & mentorship programs. We have created three platforms that aim at helping create better solutions together, empowering people around world.



Our mission is to create an environment where innovation happens with an inspiring focus on creating success, respectability & empowerment within our community. We are a professional organization that works to improve the lives of young girls in poor countries. We create opportunities and learn to support young girls in achieving a better life. We work together with partners and organizations to create innovative solutions to the challenges they face. About us: The purpose of our organization is to promote awareness, education, and empowerment of young people of African descent. We educate the public about their rights and responsibilities in order to build stronger communities. We help them to make choices that benefit their children and families. Our mission is to help people find the solutions for their problems, not just to talk about the issues.

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