What is robotics technology ?

What is robotics

What is robotics? The first is the fact it has been around long enough to provide many things our society needs, including technology for health care and transportation. That being said there’s also an underlying desire to do with robots what software did during the internet boom: automate tasks so we can have more time … Read more

Game development programming and design building guideline


Development is the art of designing, programming, and building games and, especially, games with interactive experiences. About interactive gaming: Interactive gaming encompasses the entire gamut of interactive experiences from games and apps, to games that play sound, to games that have voice recognition, to games that can be played out on screens. Games and apps … Read more

What is internet protocol (IP) address

internet protocol

What is internet protocol. The name of which comes from its application as an Internet Protocol (IP) address in use by various applications, but that doesn’t mean it’s simple to understand. Wired Science covered how IP addresses are created and transmitted via network protocols – things like TCP/UDP traffic between hosts within a particular user … Read more

What is computer and cloud computer

computer and cloud computing

Computer: computer and cloud computing. More information on Google Cloud Platform is available here. Leverage the open platform to build your IT solutions: Open Stack Infrastructure Management – Learn how to integrate Apache Commons OS into an Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment or use a popular data center management service from Oracle, Rack space etc. … Read more

software engineer and computer programmer said in an interview

software engineer and computer programme

software engineer and computer programmer, said in an interview. “We were given a task to design something that could generate electricity without being affected by the sun’s rays.” of electrical energy from solar radiation is generated as heat under extreme conditions; however if stored properly it will always be able return electrons back to their … Read more