How do I get to Facebook Marketplace ?

How do I get to Facebook Marketplace ?

Visit the Facebook Marketplace page and select “Buy Here” and “Add to List”, and select the options you want. There are a lot of settings to get to this page for easy access to what other vendors are offering for Online Making Money. The first step is to follow the YouTube link and follow the instructions below, which are as follows:

1. Choose your browser or mobile computer:
Search Facebook “Marketplace” in the search bar and browse to “My Google+ profile

2. Choose from the search results in the top left hand corner

3. Open up the “My Google+ profile” setting, scroll to the bottom and select the “My Google+ account” option, then choose your account type and click the “Settings” button.

4. Select “Show search results by address” from the right sidebar of “My Google+ profile”.
5. In the search field select “Show search results by address” and enter your search terms, then choose your account type.

6. Click the “Details” tab and select “More”, then click “Get to list” button.

7. Enter your address in the search field and search it with Google Analytics and try again – it may take a few to confirm your email address.

8. In the results field on the left side of your email, click “Add to List”, then add your search terms.

Who decides which apps will use the Marketplace app? How am I notified when my subscription is being canceled? If I purchased to avoid cancellation and are able to register to use Facebook as a Community Connector, how do I opt out of the program? How do I cancel my membership? How do I get my newsletter updated when the Marketplace will become available? How do I get a coupon? I’m a low profile and I don’t want to be the first. What am I supposed to do for me if I’m still looking to sign up? If I use the Marketplace, how do I get an email that says “I want to join” when I add a new member to our team, I’m supposed to put it in my inbox. Will my newsletter work on Facebook ? Should my newsletter have the same functionality.


How do I sell on Facebook Marketplace for beginners ?
Here’s how: Start by clicking the Facebook Marketplace link that says you’d like to find a free account. Once you’ve found one, start finding the products you like. It may take some looking a certain way, but it’s your job to find the best deals for you.
Who else does this ?
For the full list of the tools and apps listed in this piece, see this section.
What about the prices and services I’ve paid ?
The prices and services listed on the Marketplace page were calculated using Etsy’s pricing system.
If you want to pay $30.00 for the same item if it meets the minimum listing price, it’s the one in the price drop list that you’ll pay. These items can be sent in by mail, but we don’t have that option.
If you want an additional $10.00 for extra listings and more listings, don’t worry about those. This is just to offer more options.
How do I find out where to shop online ?
There are several different ways to shop online, and there’s a fair amount of guidance available. For the most up-to-date information in your area, click here.
What does the Amazon Marketplace mean for me ?
Amazon provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing your accounts, like a service manager or a subscription manager.


Will my friends see items, I selling on Facebook Marketplace ?
Yes, there are a large number of items available for purchase on Facebook Marketplace. The following is an example of a good many items available :
How do I know if I have a listing of my best sellers ?
Facebook Seller Information will tell you its bestseller list. For the best sellers’ list, your friends will see their list.
How do I display a good long list in order to get my best sellers listed ?
When this feature is enabled, your friends can see your best sellers list.


Can I use a separate page for listing my best sellers ?

Yes, you can. If you enter a search box and choose this option, your friends can see your best sellers list on your site. Additionally, you can get a list of your best sellers by visiting a specific link on Facebook Marketplace. For details, see my Facebook Seller section. If you are doing a lot of social sharing, you should use this option to easily select your best sellers. For more information for setting this option to “No Link”, please visit: How to Choose a Social Search.

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